Red Buffalo Walk Enterprise

Buffalo Meat at a great price

Special News
BUFFALO 97/3 LEAN , Frozen, vaccum packed in see thru-Very heavy duty plastic bags.U.S.D.A. approved Buffalo Meat

Our Products

All Buffalo meat products including Bulk Burger, Pattied Burgers, Ribs, Roasts-various, Steaks-various, all are from customer's selection and desire

About Us

Red Buffalo Walk Enterprise 119 Cox Cemetary Road Gray, Ky. 40734-6667 (606) 526-0081

Owners: Edward E. Force and Patricia G. Force

It is our desire to laud the Bison(Buffalo) industry and bring an affordable high quality meat to the consumer, and aid the returning of this magnificent animal in it's sacredness to this great land of ours and to help our friends. The Native Americans in some small way (or big) by persuing this venture.


Mile marker 22 on 25E at Gray, take the north side of Cox Cemetary Road to the small plastic Red Barn mailboxat the end of our driveway, (the only one that comes off the cemetary road). We live in the A-Frame with chimney and brown metal roof.

Hours of Operation

nearly anytime, just call we will accommodate

Here is where you can find our products:

from home and delivery is free in local area or at prearranged sites during our normal trips. It doesn't matter how expensive gas gets!

Red Buffalo Walk Enterprise

169 Ellen Lane
Gray, KY 40734
Phone: (606) 546-9908
Website: www.Red Buffalo Walk Enterprise