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The rate of construction of new homes in the US soared by almost a quarter in February compared with the previous month, official figures have shown.

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Wood Roof Trusses, Floor Trusses, Hangers and Hurricane Ties, Wall Panels, Gable Extentions, I-Joist & LVL, Specialty Pallets, and Wood Components

About Us

Piercefield Corporation is the oldest and largest wood component manufacturer and supplier to builders in Northern Kentucky. The factory is a world-class operation. Truss manufacturers and builders have traveled from Germany, Australia, Russia and many other countries to study the facility and its methods. PCI assisted in the development of the earliest computer-aided saws and information delivery systems, which in turn have enabled the company to deliver precision components that are engineered to go in place square, plumb, and structurally sound.

Using the latest in engineering and design software, Piercefield Corporation is able to manufacture a product taylored to the customers needs.

Why Specify Our Wood Component Systems? Economy. Labor savings due to light weight, ease of installation with job site labor, no field cutting or trimming, open webs, fast close-in, result in overall lower in-place cost. Architectural Versatility. Virtually unlimited aesthetic and functional design capability. Clear Spans. Allows complete interior partitioning and room arrangement flexibility. Clear spans to 80 feet are common. Proven Performance. Over 150 million Alpine trusses have been installed in all kinds of structures throughout the country. Properly fabricated and erected, they are trouble free performers. Local Availability. Manufactured in the region, eliminating long shipments or lead times and great service. Consistent Quality. Shop fabricated on precision machinery in accordance with established standards. Insulation. Timber has excellent insulation capabilities, and there are no temperature bridges through the component. Environmentally Compatible. Wood is the most energy efficient of major building products, and the only one from a renewable resource. Tested. Testing is integral to Alpine design philosophy. It is your assurance that you are specifying only the highest-quality, cost efficient structural products for your clients. Each year our R&D Laboratory on-going research program includes tests of hundreds of metal plate-connected joints and full-size trusses.


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