DreamCatcher Farm

Our Products

Grass Fed Ground Beef, DreamBurger Grass Fed Beef Patties, Grass Fed Rib Eye Steaks, and Grass Fed New York Strip Steaks

About Us

DreamCatcher Farm is 170 acres of beautiful Kentucky farmland that is home to grass-fed Devon and Angus cattle.

Through management intensive grazing, our cows are pastured on alfalfa, orchard grass, red clover, and other native Kentucky grasses. No pesticides or chemicals are ever used on our grasses. Likewise, during winter monthe, the cattle are given alfalfa/clover/orchard grass hay that is grown on our farm. No growth implants or hormones are ever used on our cattle.

DreamCatcher Farm's signature item is a grass fed beef DreamBurger. Our customers tell us our beef tastes like beef used to taste years ago -- before all the chemicals, additives, and feedlots. DreamCatcher beef is USDA approved for supply to restaurants, retail outlets,and direct sales.

Here is where you can find our products:

Local Louisville Farmer's Markets, Stan's Sandwich Shop, 3723 Lexington Road, Louisivlle, Kentucky 40207

Dream Catcher Farm

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