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Grass-Fed Beef, Black Angus & Red Angus Bulls & Commercial Heifers

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Located in Franklin, Kentucky-Arrow Hill Farm prides itself on raising quality cattle that is hormone & antibiotic free. We offer commercial crossbred heiferes that are seasonally available. They are bred to be low-input, efficient females that will excell in a grass enviroment.

We also offer Red & Black Angus bulls, raised on forage that are available in the spring & fall. We are committed to producing low birth, strong maternal, cost-efficient performance cattle that are easy fleshing and require minimum maintenance in a forage based enviroment. At Arrow Hill, we also produce Anugs II bulls from Ohlde Cattle genetic and are high percentage Angus. These bulls offer consistent fertility, performance and are genetically similar to the registered cattle but possess added hybrid vigor and typically sell for a more economical price.

Arrow Hill's newest venture is the grassfed beef program that began from a desire to provide our family the best nutrition possible. Since then, we have found many others that value quality beef that is hormone and antibiotic free. Therefore, we began marketing our beef privatley and the demand for our beef has steadily increased as people become more aware of the advanges of eating grassfed. We believe in keeping our food choices as close to as what God made them. By doing that we are positive that health and physical wellness will follow. Our beef can be bought direct, at Heritage Feed & Grain, Bowling Green Nutrition Center or can be found on the menu at the esteemed Brickyard Cafe.


Heritage Feed & Grain is located on Memphis Juction Rd, off of 31W in Bowling Green. Bowling Green Nutrition Center can be found on the 31W By-Pass in Bowling Green. Brickyard Cafe is located in downtown Bowling Green on Chestnut Street.

Here is where you can find our products:

Heritage Feed & Grain
Brickyard Cafe
Bowling Green Nutrition Center

Arrow Hill Farm

1115 Pleasant Hill Rd.
Franklin, KY 42134
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