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Salamander Springs Farm produces a wide range of market vegetable crops, popcorn, an heirloom cornmeal corn, pinto and black turtle beans, as well as herbs & flowers. Our vegetable crops include potatoes, onions, tomatoes, garlic, pumpkins, cucumbers, squash, beans, peppers, winter greens, salad & stir-fry mixes.

About Us

KY Heirloom whole grain Cornmeal

Grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers at Salamander Springs Farm.

All crops, including the grains and dry beans at are grown without tillage, using mulch and winter cover crops. Black turtle beans, pinto beans, cornmeal and popcorn are shelled, processed and packaged under the ''Susana's Organics'' label (with recipe included) in 1# and 2# bags. These are sold both locally and online at www.localharvest/store/M5606. Other ''''Susana''''s Organics'''' products include dried & packaged herbs & teas(.75 oz packages), ''''Green Gold'''' herbal salves with comfrey & calendula (25 ml. containers), ''''Mountain Mama'''' Salsa (16 oz. jars; mild, medium or hot), ''''Summer Garden'''' Tomato Juice (32 oz. jars). Tomato-based products are sold only within Kentucky as per micro-processor certification requirements.

Black Turtle Beans

Grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers at Salamander Springs Farm.

All crops are produced without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers of any kind, instead using local inputs and recycling local resources. Salamander Springs Farm was founded in 1999 on 98 acres of hardwood Appalachian forest south of Berea, Kentucky by 4 founding members to establish a rural community committed to sustainable, ecologically sound, cooperative living. Susana''''s Organics enterprise comprises approximately 6 open acres of grain & bean fields, market gardens, orchard, nut trees and pasture being developed based on permaculture principles.

Tender Kernel Popcorn

Grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers at Salamander Springs Farm.

Salamander Springs Farm produce and products are sold from April to November bi-weekly in Berea Farmer''''s Markets, and throughout the year by order from a weekly produce list posted to approximately 90 local customers. Hoop house frames are used for year-round production. Grains and beans are sold nationally via the Local Harvest online store Internships are available from May 1 to October 15 for a monthly stipend plus rustic accommodations & board at Salamander Springs Farm. Contact us by phone or e-mail through this website (e-mailing requires patience as internet access is limited!). We welcome work-exchanges such as WWOOF/WorldWide Opportunities On Organic Farms (, and college service learning programs. Farm infrastructure and home are being developed from scratch using local, recycled and salvaged materials; conditions are rustic (camping or loft space, outdoor solar shower, compost toilet, kerosene lights, solar electric in process of installation). This is a place to learn about cycling local resources & energy, homesteading from the ground up, living within one''''s means, and using permaculture principles to develop sustainable crop production.


Salamander Springs Farm is located in the Clear Creek Valley 9 miles south of Berea, KY

Hours of Operation

seasonal, by appointment

Here is where you can find our products:

Berea Farmer's Market, College Square, Tuesdays & Fridays 5-7 p.m.
E-mailed produce list for weekly delivery (local) or Online Store (national): go to
Appalachian Fireside Gallery, College Square, Berea, KY

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