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Now Is The Time To Order Your Pastured Broilers! We also have Hampshire piglets for sale.

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Pastured Poultry, Grass fed beef, Pastured Turkeys, Home baked bread, Farm grown Pork,

About Us

Dear Friend We at Singing Bush Valley Farm would like to let you know about a wonderful opportunity you have to take control of a very important part of your life…your food. Everybody eats, and no one can deny that what you eat has a serious effect on your health. Yet how many people really know where their food comes from? You, dear friend know that chicken does not, of course, grow in refrigerated bins with plastic wrap as a kind of second skin, but maybe like many others you feel like you have no choice in the matter. If all the supermarket offers is pale, flavorless, protein, with no texture, you may think, what choice do you have but to buy it? I’d like to offer you a choice. Not everyone can raise their own chickens, or bake their own bread, but you can, through us, experience the benefits of these things. On our farm, all our animals live out doors in a clean and totally natural environment, and are fed totally unmedicated feed. Our belief is that only a happy animal can be truly healthy, and who wants to eat something that’s sick? We sure don’t.

Everything on our farm centers around our family and the land God has granted to us. Our goal is to take the best care of both, so that both will prosper. For us, grass is the way that we can tie family, land, and you together. In our grass based model for animal raising, we can keep things simple and safe enough for even a four year old to be a part, and for us to offer you truly healthful and quality meat. Our animals get fresh grass every day with our system of using many small pens. For the chickens we use easily movable, wood and wire pens, and for the cows electric. This keeps the animals moving to fresh ground every day. Plus being in the sunshine constantly cuts health problems down to practically nothing. In a confinement system, like a feed lot, it is virtually impossible to keep animals healthy because of all the muck and crowding. The have to feed the animals bucket loads of antibiotics and hormones, they’d die otherwise.

We aren’t big business or even a very big farm really. As a family we do 100% of the work on our farm, and take pride in it. We believe that we can provide you with more than just a product, half a beef, or whatever; but also an experience. The choice to invest in your own future.


7: Merge onto I-65 S via EXIT 137A toward NASHVILLE. 26.9 miles Map 8: Take the US-31W exit- EXIT 65- toward MUNFORDVILLE. 0.3 miles Map 9: Turn LEFT onto US-31W / DIXIE HWY. 1.0 miles Map 10: Turn RIGHT onto MILLS ST. 0.5 miles Map 11: Turn RIGHT onto N WEST ST / KY-88. Continue to follow KY-88. 12.0 miles Map 12: Turn LEFT onto KY-728. 0.5 miles Map 13: Stay STRAIGHT to go onto KY-1827. 4.1 miles Map 14: Turn RIGHT onto LOGSDON RD / LOGSTON RD. 0.6 miles Map 15: Turn LEFT to stay on LOGSDON RD / LOGSTON RD. 0.4 miles Map 16: End at 145 Logsdon Rd Cub Run, KY 42729-9327, US Map Total Est. Time: 1 hour, 11 minutes Total Est. Distance: 49.53 miles

Hours of Operation

We are working around the farm most everyday. To get hold of us by phone it's best to call after sunset, since we are outside a lot.

Here is where you can find our products:

All product are sold at the farm
Please call or write for an order form.

Singing Bush Valley Farm

145 Logsdon Rd
Cub Run, KY 42729
Phone: (270) 286-6246
Phone2: (270) 286-8919