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Trees, Shrubs, Tree Planting for conservation areas and landscpaes, Timber Stand, Improvement, Landscaping, forestry tree planting, trees and shrubs for wildlife plots

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Grow mostly native trees and some shrubs for landscapes and conservation areas in 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, & 25 gallon pots

Have or can get the equipment to set trees and shrubs in residential, or commercial.

Green’s Nursery 2011 Spring Specials Call for an appointment @ 270-748-7239. Mayfield, KY 42066 KY grown, good trees and great prices. 25 Gallon Containers $25.00* 15 Gallon Containers $20.00* 10 Gallon Containers $15.00* Under 10 Gallon Containers $10.00* * Cash and carry, subjection to KY’s sales tax and doesn’t included Japanese Maple. Red Maple Sugar Maple Bur Oak Pin Oak Swamp White Oak Red Oak Willow Oak Black Oak Sawtooth Oak** Chinkapin Oak River Birch Pecan (Seedlings)** Dwarf Chinkapin Oak** Allegany Chestnut** American Beech Coffeetree Ironwood (Blue Beech) White Pine Bald Cypress Green Giant Arborvitae Black Gum Sweet Gum (Happy Days, Seedless) Sweet Gum (Columnar) Sweet Bay Magnolia KY Coffee Tree Thornless Sweet Locust Redbud Dogwood Natchez Crapemyrtle Norway Spruce Red Mulberry** Silky Dogwood** Hazelnut** Persimmon** Smoketree Coralberry** Delivery and planting are available. Forestry and wildlife planting are available. * Great for Wildlife. Call for an appointment at 270-748-7239.


5 miles east of Mayfield,KY off of KY 58

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Call for an appointment at 270-748-7239

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38 Andrew Road, Nursery site, Mayfield, KY

Green's Nursery

38 Andrew Rd
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