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Senate Bill 50

The goal of Senate Bill 50

Senate Bill 50 was passed in the Kentucky General Assembly in the final hour of the legislature's 2013 session. It will take effect in the summer of 2013. The goal of Senate Bill 50 is to help Kentucky move to the forefront of industrial hemp production and commercialization of hemp products.

    Senate Bill 50:
  • Calls on the University of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station, as well as other Kentucky public universities, to conduct research on hemp planting, cultivation, and analysis on demonstration plots
  • Establishes the membership of the Kentucky Industrial Hemp Commission
  • Directs the commission to establish and oversee a five-year hemp research program.
  • Provides that the commission shall work with the UK Center for Applied Energy Research to study the use of hemp in new energy technologies and work with the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development to raise awareness of financial incentives for businesses that manufacture hemp products
  • Sets up a fund to finance the administrative services of the commission and the industrial hemp research program
  • Charges the commission with establishing a program to license Kentucky hemp growers
  • Requires the Kentucky State Police to perform background checks on producers who apply to grow industrial hemp
  • Sets out record-keeping and filing requirements of industrial hemp growers, and establishes penalties for failing to comply
  • Affirms that information on hemp grower applications is proprietary and is subject to inspection only under a court order
Senate Bill 50