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Welcome to Project Food, Land & People

Food, Land & People
Welcome to Project Food, Land & People
FLP envisions a future in which all people recognize the interdependence of agriculture, the environment and human needs; and work cooperatively to promote informed consumer choices and sustainable agricultural practices.

Core Content and Lesson Information
Project Food, Land and People is a non-profit organization created in 1988 to develop and distribute a national K-12 curriculum to complement existing agricultural, environmental and natural resource conservation education programs. The goal of FLP is to provide educators with high quality, balanced and easily integrated classroom materials that deal with the complexity and interdependence of natural resources and people. In Kentucky, teacher training and distribution of the curriculum will be facilitated by the KY Food, Land & People Partnership, which is a licensed affiliate for the state.

West Point kindergarten students
West Point kindergarten students in
Mrs. Amy Wood's class enjoyed FLP's
Buzzy, Buzzy Bee activity during
their study of insects.
    Other interesting facts about Project FLP...
  • There are approximately 55 PreK-12 lesson plans in the collection which have been developed, piloted and field tested nationally by educators.
  • FLP lessons and activities are modeled after Projects Learning Tree, WET and WILD and teachers are encouraged to utilize each of them.
  • To receive the FLP curriculum, teachers must have 6 contact hours of training.
  • There are approximately 144 facilitators trained to provide educator workshops throughout the state on use of the Food, Land and People Resources for Learning. To find out how to participate, contact this program at (502) 573-0282 option 1.
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