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Kentucky Proud

A Puzzling Farm "Story": Get to the Plot
Students participate in hands-on math activities, including measurement, plotting coordinate pints on a grid, and use of deductive reasoning skills to simulate a farmer's decision making process in deciding what crops to plant in accordance with soil conditions and other variables.

Careers In Agriculture
Agriculture offers a wide variety of career choices. This lesson helps student realize that agriculture is an interdependent field including mathematics, science, technology, and management.

Cooperate! Create! and Save a Farm!
Throughout this lesson, students learn that Kentucky farmers are continually facing challenges for sustaining their farms.

It Takes More than Luck! A Farming Game of Risk and Chance
Game Board for: It Takes More than Luck!
The rationale for this game is to help students understand the importance of planning, knowledgable decision making, careful management, and the use of technology today and in the future in operating any successful business- in this case, farming.

Marketing Means More
This lesson helps students understand the process of marketing and the importance of marketing Kentucky products in retail stores.

Mush, Mush- Make Room for Mushrooms
The ultimate recycling plan, the cycle of life's renewal, there's "fungus among us", and we have found a way to start growing mushrooms! In this lesson, students will convert rolls of toilet paper into a bouquet of edible oyster mushrooms in three weeks, simply by adding mushroom spawn and boiling water.

Our Disappearing Farmland: Balancing our Land Use
In this lesson, students recognize the importance of farmland preservation. Through critical thinking skills and graph interpretation, students will reflect on how changes in the land use through time have affected the state of Kentucky.

The Farm as an Ecosystem
Science curriculum for intermediate students includes the study of various ecosystems. This lesson uses the farm as an example of one type of ecosystem students can study.

The Power of the Neighborhood Market
In this lesson, students study about the rationale for buying locally grown products. They learn the economic impact of farmers and producers on their community as well as the benefits to consumers who buy locally grown products.

This lesson describes the importance of trees from an environmental and agricultural perspective.

Geography Lessons
Geography matters to Kentucky's agriculture. Below are five lessons based on the five themes of geography. All five themes are equally important to Kentucky's agriculture and the environment.

What is the Location of Kentucky's Agriculture?
In what Kinds of Places do Kentucky Farmers Produce/Raise their Crops?
How Does Farming Affect the Environment?
Where do Kentucky Agricultural Products Go?
In what Regions can Kentucky Agricultural Products be Found?