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Think about making CPH-45 program part of your marketing strategy

Agriculture Commissioner James R. Comer

Cattle producers should keep the CPH-45 program in mind as they make their production and marketing decisions for the rest of the year.

That might not be at the top of your to-do list in this current market. Beef cattle prices at the stockyards are at all-time high, and as a result, the premium for cattle sold through CPH-45 sales may be smaller than it has been in the past. Producers understandably may question whether the added expense and effort required by the CPH-45 program are worth it.

In times like these, it’s important to remember that what goes up eventually will come down. With prices for cattle, corn, soybeans, and other farm commodities so high, we could enter a “bubble” situation, and that bubble could burst for reasons beyond our control or for no reason at all. You can cushion the impact by participating in the CPH-45 program.

James R. Comer

Under the CPH-45 program, producers wean cattle under a strict health and management regimen and sell them in lots of commingled similar animals that are in demand by feeder cattle buyers. The program is sponsored by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service, the Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association, and the Kentucky Beef Network.

You also might consider marketing your cattle through local-food businesses such as Marksbury Farm Market and Hubble Meats, both in Garrard County, or selling at farmers’ markets or in a direct business-to-consumer arrangement. Consumers today want to know what’s in their food and where it came from. They like to be able to meet the people who produce the foods they’re serving to their families, and they’re willing to pay more for those products. You can make some extra money for some extra time and effort, and again, you can act to protect your operation against a market bubble.

With cattle prices sky-high, it’s easy to be lulled into a false sense of security, leave some money on the table, and leave yourself open to be blindsided by a downturn in the market. Even in a strong market, it’s worth your while to consider all your marketing options.

For more information on the CPH-45 program, go to To find out more about a variety of marketing options, contact Kentucky Department of Agriculture marketing specialists Warren Beeler or Tim Dietrich at (502) 564-4983,, or