A message from the Commissioner

“Created to promote the interests of agriculture across the commonwealth, one of the main purposes at the Kentucky Department of Agriculture is to advocate for the farmer.

Farmers are the lifeblood of the human population. With more than 73,000 farms dotting the landscape throughout the state on nearly 13 million acres, more than 50 percent of Kentucky’s land is used in some sort of agricultural pursuit. Kentucky is very much a farming state.

My interest in agriculture not only stems from my role as your Agriculture Commissioner, but also from the fact that I come from a family of farmers. Throughout the course of my tenure, I’ve listened to farmers speak about their struggles, their triumphs and their hopes. Part of my job is to take that message to others.

It’s a job like none other and I will fight to make sure farmers and agriculture get the recognition deserved.”
Ryan Quarles
LFPA Interest Survey

Information regarding the LFPA grant

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2024 KY Ag Athletes

2024 Kentucky Ag Athletes of the Year application now open

KDA-KHSAA partnership awards six scholarships to Kentucky student-athletes.

Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program

Kentucky Office of Agricultural Policy

The Kentucky Office of Agricultural Policy provides staff support to the Kentucky Agricultural Development Board and the Kentucky Agricultural Finance Corporation.

Pesticide Testing Schedule

Pesticide Training and Testing

This Division is responsible for regulating the registration, sale, distribution, proper use, storage, disposal, and application of pesticides in Kentucky. Click here for more information on Pesticide Training and Testing.