Office for Consumer and Environmental Protection Program Contacts

We are located at 107 Corporate Drive, you can also contact us at (502) 573-0282, Regulation and Inspection fax (502) 573-0303, Environmental Services fax (502) 573-0279 or Food Distribution fax: (502) 573-0304.

Office for Consumer and Environmental Protection

502-782-9207 Executive Director
502-782-9219 Deputy Executive Director

Division of Environmental Services

502-782-9240 Director
502-782-9223 AGR Complaints and Insurance, Structural Testing and Certification CEU
502-782-9201 AGR Licensing,Testing and CEU
502-782-9227 Product Registration, Ag Chemical Collection, Mosquito Control Request, Nuisance Bird Control Request
502-573-0282 Public Pest and Recycling Assistance Manager, Mosquito, Nuisance Bird, Black Fly, and Nuisance Weed Control, Ag Chemical Collection, Rinse and Return Recycling
502-573-0282 Structural, Complaints and CEU Training Approval
502-782-9235 Technical Support and Product Registration

Division of Food Distribution

502-782-9241 Director
502-782-9231 Emergency Feeding Assistance Program (EFAP), Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP)
502-382-7505 Farm to School Program, Jr Chef, Chefs in School
502-782-9206 National School Lunch Program (NSLP)
502-782-9222 Processing For National School Lunch Program
502-782-9238 Senior Farmer's Market Nutrition Program (SrFMNP)

Division of Regulation and Inspection

502-782-9215 Director, Gas Pumps, Meters, Scales, Price Verification, Packages
502-782-9218 Amusement Rides Manager
502-782-9211 Egg Marketing and Licensing
502-782-9239 Fleet Program
502-782-9204 Fuel Quality
502-573-0282 Grain Licensing and Regulation
502-782-9239 Limestone
502-573-0282 Metrology
502-782-9216 Motor Fuel Retailer License and Complaints
502-782-9239 Servicemen
502-782-9211 Tobacco Retailer Sales Information
502-782-9233 Weights and Measures Manager