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Emergency Response

The Office of the State Veterinarian (OSV) is the contact for livestock and poultry emergency response to Foreign Animal Disease outbreaks and natural disasters of flood, tornadoes or earthquakes. The Kentucky response plan identifies that each county has an Emergency Operating Center (EOC).

During a disaster response the citizenry should communicate with their county EOC about their needs. When needs exceed the county resources the Kentucky Emergency Management will be contacted and resources and supplies can be brought to assist county responses.

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture and the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service collaborate on response programs and they are a resource to contact in an emergency when the county government and officials need assistance with agricultural issues.

Office of State Veterinarian

    Additional Contacts

  • KDA State Veterinarian: 502-782-5901
  • Kentucky Emergency Operations Center
    (24 hour contact number): 800-255-2587
  • USDA Veterinary Services: 502-848-2040