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Horticulture Advertising and Market Development Grants

Horticulture Advertising and Market Development Grants

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture works with the Kentucky Horticulture Council to administer the advertising and market development grants program. These grants are provided by the Kentucky Agriculture Development Board through funding from Kentucky's Tobacco Settlement funds. To qualify all horticulture products must be Kentucky-grown, and applicants must be Kentucky Proud Members. For 2014, successful applicants receive a 50 percent cash match of up to $1,250 for the 2014 calendar year if they follow all the guidelines for promoting and advertising Kentucky Proud products.

2014 Advertising Cost-Share

The selling of Kentucky-grown horticultural products must be the main focus of the advertising and promotional efforts. 2014 Horticulture Adverstising Cost-Share Application (pdf - printable).

2014 Market Development Cost-Share Program

Successful applicants may receive grants to attend appropriate educational opportunities (conferences, workshops, etc.) up to the amount of the registration fee. The applicant must show expenses equal to or greater than cost of registration. 2014 Horticulture Market Development Cost-Share Application (pdf - printable)

2014 Good Agricultural Practices Third Party Audit Cost-Share

Any Kentucky Proud producer participating in a third party GAP audit is eligible for reimbursement of 50% of the invoiced audit cost upt to a maximum of $1, 250 reimbursed. 2014 GAP Third Party Audit Cost-Share Application (pdf - printable)