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Grape and Wine Program

Grape and Wine Program

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Prior to prohibition, Kentucky was the third largest grape and wine producing state in the nation. Kentucky grape and wine production is now making a comeback. Kentucky has over 113 grape producers growing 583 acres of grapes; 280 acres are ready for production. There are three categories of grapes grown in Kentucky: European, French-American hybrids, and American. Currently, there are over 60 small farm wineries in the commonwealth.

There are many industry associations including the Kentucky Grape and Wine Council, Kentucky Vineyards Society, Kentucky Wine Growers Alliance, Western Kentucky Grape Growers Association, and Northern Kentucky Vineyard and Winery Association.

Got Grapes?

Got Grapes? is a program designed to match grape producers who want to sell grapes to those wishing to buy grapes. If you would like to be placed on this list, please call 502-782-4117.

A list of Kentucky Wineries is attached to allow farmers to contact Kentucky wineries about grapes. It is important that vineyard owners contact wineries in the late winter or early spring to begin plans for marketing their grapes. Winery owners will often want to visit vineyards during the growing season to look at the progress of the grapes. Vineyard owners need to know that the quality of the grapes will ultimately determine the price. Disease, bird damage, or excessive trash (leaves, dirt , etc.) could affect the price even if a price has been agreed upon before hand. Wineries will ask for (require) different parameters and growers will need to monitor those factors as their grapes ripen.

The grower and winery should have a contract that spells out the requirements and conditions in order to protect each, especially if it is a new relationship. Growers who do not have a large enough quantity of grapes, (one ton?) may want to contact other growers of the same grape variety and contract with a winery to buy all. They would need to be harvested and delivered at the same time. Growers are usually responsible for delivery of grapes to the winery.

Grapes for Sale
Contact Name Location Contact Info Varietal Other



Howards Mill Vineyard- Lewis Donohew



Montgomery Co



(859) 585-3674


For 2014:

Vidal Blanc

Cab Franc

Cab Sauv



18-20 tons

3 tons

3 tons



Charles Taulbee



Magoffin Co



(606) 349-7966


For 2014:




1,000 Gallons



Rhonda & Mark Davis



Spencer Co



(502) 292-0535 (H)

(502) 671-9711 (C)


For 2014:

De Chaunac



appx 5 tons

Vintners welcome to visit



Les Soeurs LeBlanc Vineyard- Lydia LeBlanc



Scott Co



(502) 316-3792


For 2014:





appx 2 tons

appx 2 tons



Kentucky Hilltop Vineyards- Ralph Jenkins



Allen Co



(270) 622-8099 (H)

(256) 777-0651 (C)


For 2014:




Baco Noir

Vidal Blanc


Villard Blanc














Harkness Edwards Vineyards- Cathy Edwards



Clark Co



(859) 321-1121


For 2014:

Aphrodite (White: Norton x Algarve)

Cabernet Dore (White: Norton x Cab Sauv)




6 tons



7 tons





Blueberry Hill Farm & Nursery- Hope Cash


Metcalfe Co


(270) 261-1360

(270) 576-3139

For 2014:

Blueberries (ASAP)

Cull Berries ($10 per 10 lb box)


1500 lbs


500 lbs



BG Estates Vineyards

Benny Garcia


Jose Morales



Logan Co





(270) 542-7779

(787) 396-1313

(352) 874-2597


For 2014:




appx 4 tons



Koury Farms-

Larilynn Koury



Nicholas Co.



(859) 625-8915


For 2014:





4-5 tons



Lake Barkley Vineyards- Bill Wesselak



Caldwell Co.



(847) 561-1400


For 2014:


Cab Franc





2 tons

4 tons

4 tons

2 tons



Bogg's Creek Vineyard- Don Blackburn


Fayette Co.


(859) 806-5795

For 2014:



appx 3,000 lbs



Savannah Organics-

Cheryll Frank



Scott Co.



(502) 535-6787


For 2014

Norton (Organic)



1 ton


For more information about Kentucky Grape and Wine Marketing, contact 502-782-4117

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Grapes Wanted
Winery Name Contact
Email/ Phone Varietal Amount Other

Old 502 Winery

Louisville, KY

Logan Leet


Vidal Blanc


5 tons

20 tons


Also open to juice or wine

  David Hicks

Merlot or

Cab Sauv


Chardonnay or Pinot Gris

1000 lbs



1000 lbs



Eagle Creek Vineyard


David Lynn






Juice form preferable





Kate MacDonald




Vinifera, particularly but not limited to:

Cab Franc

Cab Sauv

Petit Verdot







Open to all KY locations, also interested in potential long term contracts




Andy Budzinski





Open to Vinifera, Hybrid & Native


100 lbs



For more information about Kentucky Grape and Wine Marketing, call (502) 782-4117.

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