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2014 Annual Poster Essay Contest

"Kentucky Farmers - Our American Heroes"

2013 Annual Poster Contest

Farmers grow food to feed our population, tend forests that produce wood to build shelter for us to live in, and raise animals and plants that provide clothing for our protection. These are just a few ways that farmers are heroes every day!


There are many ways farmers are heroes, working hard to provide what we need every day makes them heroes. Some can also be found serving in roles that make them heroes in our communities. Many farmers are also policemen, firefighters, first responders, teachers, coaches...


Not only that, but Kentucky has farmers that have served in the military protecting our country! For more information about "Homegrown By Heroes" visit: and read about these special farmers

Your assignment for the poster and essay contest is to create a poster or write an essay titled "Kentucky Farmers - Our American Heroes". Show us how farmers are heroes to you.


NEW this year! We will have a digital category (art,photographs) that will receive a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd award for the state.

Details in the Contest Rules below.

2014 Contest Rules
2014 Entry Forms


2014 Contest Winners


Bonnie Plants Cabbage Winner

Anna Sawyer                                           Lawrenceburg, KY


Essay Contest Winners

(K) Cyrus Bivens              Abraham Lincoln Elementary    Hodgenville, KY        Teacher: Erin Bratcher

(1) Rory Shields               Collins Lane Elementary            Frankfort, KY             Teacher: Cassie House

(2) Benjamin Wheat         Squires Elementary                    Lexington, KY            Teacher: Stephanie Scott

(3) Sayaka Church            Mudge Elementary                     Fort Knox, KY             Teacher: Judie Thomas

(4) Andy Peeples               Deer Park Elementary              Owensboro, KY          Teacher: Jahn Owens

(5) Michael Brockman      Brockman Christian Academy          Union, KY           Teacher: Coleen Brockman

(6) Kolby Hunt                    McKell Middle School                South Shore, KY         Teacher: Susan Abrams

(7) Lilly Mooney                 Mooney Home School               Shepherdsville, KY     Teacher: Melissa Mooney

(8) Kayla Wright                King Middle School                     Harrodsburg, KY        Teacher: Tiffany Penn

(9) Chasity Bryant           LaRue County High School         Hodgenville, KY         Teacher: Misty Bivens

(10) Evan Clark               Daviess County High School      Owensboro, KY          Teacher: Chris Clark

(11) Hannah Mooney     Mooney Home School                  Shepherdsville, KY     Teacher: Melissa Mooney

(12) Sarah Stultz              LaRue County High School        Hodgenville, KY           Teacher: Misty Bivens



Poster Contest Winners

(K) Addison Carmack      Early Learning Village                 Frankfort, KY        Teacher: Jennifer Gabbert

(1) Yaslynn Ponce            Hartstern Elementary                  Louisville, KY       Teacher: Kelly Cole

(2) Bryceson Bidwell        Deer Park Elementary                Owensboro, KY        Teacher: Lisa Clark

(3) Lexi Tucker                   Deer Park Elementary                Owensboro, KY        Teacher: Beth Anderson

(4) Zoe Barker                    Deer Park Elementary                Owensboro, KY        Teacher: Angie Lear

(5) Raven King                   Whitley City Elementary              Whitley City, KY         Teacher: Sandy Hamlin

(6) Miriam Moore                Faith Homeschool Group          Elizabethtown, KY     Teacher: Cindy Vaughn

(7) Jason McCormick        Memorial Elementary                  Hardyville, KY            Teacher: Sarah Vetter

(8) Courtney Hardin           Memorial Elementary                  Hardyville, KY             Teacher: Sarah Vetter

(10) Eliza Kate Moore        Faith Homeschool Group           Elizabethtown, KY      Teacher: Cindy Vaughn

(12) Morgan Johnson       Locust Trace Agriscience School   Lexington, KY         Teacher: Sara Tracy


Digital Art Winners

(5) Ethan Carpenter           Second Street School                           Frankfort, KY        Teacher: Cindy Bramble

(8) Lanta Willow Wright     Breckinridge County Middle School   Hardinsburg, KY  Teacher: Brandon Miles



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