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Animal Movement

How to obtain an Import Permit

Accredited veterinarians can use either option 1 or 2 for livestock Import Permits.

  1. Veterinarians can use the Online Permitting System to obtain an Import Permit.
  2. Import Permits can also be obtained by calling the Kentucky State Veterinarian's Office at
    (502) 782-5901.  Be advised that cervid permits may require additional processing time and information.
  3. Some exotic animals may also require to have a Kentucky Fish & Wildlife transportation permit.  Please contact the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources at 800-858-1549.


If moving livestock to another state, know the regulations for the destination state.

Check the USDA website for the destination's State Veterinarian's Office to acquire more information on each states animal transport regulation and international animal transport regulations.


Equine Entry Requirements and Current Restrictions

Office of State Veterinarian

    Additional Contacts:

  • KDA State Veterinarian: 502-782-5901
  • KDA State Veterinarian Fax: 502-573-1020