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Ornamental Horticulture

Horticulture is the science, business and technolpogy involved in plant cultivation for human use and consumption. It incorprates food plants and non-food crops like woods, turf grass and ornamental plants.


2014 Kentucky Fruit and Vegetable
Conference and Trade Show

JANUARY 6-7, 2014


Ornamental Horticulture

The ornamental program maintains and distributes the Kentucky Landscape Plant Availability Guide and works to develop new markets by representing Kentucky's green industry through regional and national tradeshows.

Produce Marketing

The Division of Value-Added Plant Production participates annually in the Kentucky Vegetable Growers Association and Horticulture Society meetings in Lexington and provides marketing assistance for Kentucky growers.

Kentucky Produce Auctions
Bath County Produce Auction (pdf)
Capstone Produce Auction website
Fairview Produce Auction (pdf)
Hart County Produce Auction (pdf)
Lincoln County Produce Auction (pdf) For price report information from Lincoln County, please call 606-355-0001.


Kentucky Produce Marketing Cooperatives
Central Kentucky Grower's Association, Inc.

Manager: Daryl Fryman
2190 Cincinnati Pike
Georgetown, KY 40324
(502) 863-0002 Fax: (502) 863-0676

Horticulture Advertising, Market Development, and Third Party GAP Audit Cost Share Grants

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture works with the Kentucky Horticulture Council to administer the advertising, market development, and third party GAP costshare grants program. These grants are provided by the Kentucky Agriculture Development Board through funding from Kentucky's Tobacco Settlement funds. To qualify all horticulture products must be Kentucky-grown, and applicants must be Kentucky Proud Members.



The mission of the Woods Program is "to protect, conserve and enhance the forest resources of the Commonwealth through a public informed of the environmental, social and economic importance of these resources."

As a means of meeting this mission, the division offers a variety of programs and services ranging from landowner assistance and master logger training to forest health protection and wildland fire management. The division is also involved in the operation of tree seedling nurseries, urban forestry assistance and forestry education.