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2017 Swine District Rules, Regulations, and Shows

2017 Swine District Rules, Regulations, and Shows


Show Date
& Show Time
Receive Hogs Location Committee
Chair Person
Rough River District Swine Show - Youth Only
June 3
11:00 a.m. CDT
8:00 - 10:00 a.m. CDT
Breckinridge County Fairgrounds, Hardinsburg, Kentucky

Carol M. Hinton
office phone: 270.756.2182

West Kentucky District Swine Show -Youth Only    
June 7
5:00 p.m. CDT
2:30 - 4:00 p.m. CDT

Muhlenburg Co. Agricultural Center, Powderly, Kentucky

* additional county fair premiums will be offered by the Muhlenburg County Fair.

Darrin Benton
Central Kentucky District Swine Show -Youth Only     
June 9
10:30 a.m.. EDT

8:00 - 10:00 a.m. EDT

Bourbon County Fairgrounds,
Paris, Kentucky


Jason Sandefur
Germantown District Swine Show -Youth Only
July 31
10:00 a.m. EDT
7:30 - 10:00 a.m. EDT
Germantown Fairgrounds, Germantown, Kentucky

* all pens are availabe on a first come, first serve basis with no reserving of pens allowed.  Hogs on the ground will take available pens.  Pens must be cleaned upon completion of the show.
Mike Ross

Dates are subject to change. All times are local.

Additional Events



Kentucky Junior Livestock Expo - East
June 12 - 13, 2017
Derrickson Agricultural Complex - Morehead State University Morehead, Kentucky
Western Rivers - Kentucky Junior Livestock Expo June 23 - 24, 2017 William "Bill" Cherry Expo Center - Murray State University Murray, Kentucky
Kentucky Junior Livestock Expo
July 21 - 21, 2017

L.D. Brown Center - Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, Kentucky

Premium Scale

These Premiums have been adjusted accordingly and could be changed due to available funds.

Sheep, Goat, and Swine


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Non KY Proud

1st ..............$20 


General Rules & Regulations

Preview Swine Show General Rules

1. The show is open to all 4-H and FFA members engaged in an approved swine project within the state of Kentucky.

2. All hogs must have an official ID and a certificate of veterinary inspection.  All KY origin animals for exhibition shall be individually identified on a certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI).  At all KDA sponsored exhibitions, (District and Kentucky Junior Livestock Expos) a CVI (Certificate of Veterinary Inspection) must be obtained within the current calendar year:  January 1st through December 31st.   See general health requirements for more information.

3. All 4-H, FFA, and NOVICE entries must be nominated and identified by the Kentucky Uniform Identification Program (KUIP) by attending a validation site (exception is closed herds), be KUIP tagged and have DNA samples collected, as of May 20th. See 4-H agent or vocational agriculture teacher for details.  Co-tagging with KUIP tags will only be permitted among 4-H, FFA, and NOVICE siblings unless a waiver has been obtained.  Contact Steve Austin by email at for tagging questions.

4. A novice weight division (market hogs only) will be offered for exhibitors between ages 8 years old and under as of January 1 of the current year.  Each Novice is limited to one entry and must be KUIP tagged in his/her name.

5. All hogs must be shown by the 4-H or FFA exhibitor (owner) unless the exhibitor is incapacitated (deprived of strength or ability: physically impaired) or has more than one entry in a class, then he/she may have another 4-H or FFA youth exhibit his/her animal.

6. There will be a market hog division and a commercial gilt division. Each animal may only be shown in one division, and must be determined at time of weigh-in.

7. An exhibitor will be allowed to show a total of six entries, be it market hogs or commercial gilts. The weight determined at weigh-in will be used to enter each hog in the appropriate class.  All hogs can only be shown once.

8. Market hogs will be shown by breed and weight. Maximum weight will be 285 pounds, with no lower weight limit.

9. Registered classes will be offered for market hogs. Registration papers should be brought to weigh-in in order to show in registered breed classes.  If an exhibitor has not received a registration paper, a written statement from the breeder or a bill of sale will suffice until the registration papers are received from the association.

10. Each breed must have five (5) head to have a breed show. If five head cannot be met, hogs will be shown in the All Other Breeds (AOB) Division.

11. Commercial gilts will be shown by weight with no weight limits.

12. 4-H and FFA exhibitors will show together in all classes.

13. Each exhibitor will be responsible for getting his or her pigs to the show ring.

14. Barrows and gilts will be eligible to show. No boars. Any animal on-foot showing evidence of staginess, incomplete castration, late castration, crippling, or disease will be eliminated from the show.

15. The local rules committee shall interpret all rules and shall have control of each animal entered for competition. The committee shall have the authority to rule on any question not covered in the rules and to transfer animals that have been improperly entered to the classes prior to judging.

16. The local committee will exercise all reasonable precautions to prevent injuries or losses, but will not be responsible for mishaps, injuries, losses or deaths that may befall animals or people during this event.

17. Exhibitor must furnish all feed and bedding for their hogs.

18. All exhibitors will be responsible for leaving facilities as found by disposing of all trash, feed, bedding, etc.

19.  All commercial gilts must be KUIP tagged.

20. To be eligible to compete at the Kentucky State Fair, all 4-H/FFA market hogs must compete in one of the District Shows or Kentucky Junior Livestock Expos conducted by the Division of Show & Fair Promotion.  A hog will only qualify for the Kentucky State Fair if it has competed and been placed during a class at a District Show or Kentucky Junior Livestock Expo.

SHOWMANSHIP CLASSES - Age determined as of January 1, 2017

All 4-H and FFA members must show their own animals. Showmanship exhibitors must show in his/her age group for the entire show season. Showmanship classes will be broken into age divisions as follows:

  • Novice - Ages 8 years old and younger
  • Ages 9-11
  • Ages 12-13
  • Ages 14-16
  • Ages 17 and above

General Health Requirements

All KY origin animals for exhibition shall be individually identified on a certificate of veterinary inspection.  At all KDA sponsored exhibitions, (District and Kentucky Junior Livestock Expos) a CVI (Certificate of Veterinary Inspection) must be obtained within the current calendar year:  January 1st through December 31st.  All animals will be inspected prior to unloading them.  If there is any sign of illness in one of the pigs, all animals on the trailer will be asked to leave the show.
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